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Resources for Gynecologic Surgeries

Resources for Providers and Leaders

Want to reduce complications and support shorter hospital stays and safer transitions after surgery? Access the Enhanced Recovery Canada™ (ERC) Gynecologic Pathway. This pathway follows the patient experience from pre-admission to post discharge and has been built on six core pillars:

  • patient and family engagement
  • nutrition management
  • fluid and hydration management
  • early mobility and physical activity
  • surgical best practices
  • pain management with fewer narcotics (multi-modal opioid-sparing analgesia)

This resource also includes a template for physician orders as well as a data collection and measurement resource, both of which are aligned with the ERC Pathways.

Download the pathway

Resources for Patients and Caregivers

​Patients, their family members and other caregivers are critical to surgical recovery. That’s why patient and family engagement is a core pillar of Enhanced Recovery Canada™. The following patient and caregiver resources have been developed based on the ERC Gynaecological Surgery Pathway can help patients feel better and recover faster after surgery:

Download the guide for gynecologic surgery

This resource may be customized to reflect relevant site-specific details by contacting Karen Brown

In addition to the patient booklet, here are brief animations to help guide you through each phase of your surgical experience.

Check out the Gynecologic surgery patient animation resource

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