Member Votes Bring CPSI and CFHI Closer to Amalgamation

August 25, 2020

Member Votes Bring CPSI and CFHI Closer to Amalgamation

At our respective Annual General Meetings, members of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) and the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement (CFHI) voted to move forward with an amalgamation. Both votes bring CPSI and CFHI another step closer to creating a single quality and safety organization with an expanded capacity to improve healthcare for everyone in Canada. In the coming weeks, we will engage with key stakeholders and complete the final preparations. We are committed to our existing partnerships and agreements and to expanding these critical relationships to ensure diverse and inclusive perspectives in all that we do.

“The need to improve health systems is even more relevant today than when CPSI was first formed seventeen years ago. The amalgamation with CFHI into a new organization will harness the strengths of both organizations to drive a shared vision of safe healthcare for all,” Ronald Guse, CPSI Board Chair.

“The pandemic has highlighted the importance of health systems with a strong focus on quality and safety improvement. Forming this new organization, we have a tremendous opportunity to achieve safer, higher quality and more coordinated patient-partnered healthcare.” Lynn Stevenson, CFHI Board Chair.

In preparing to launch the new organization, CPSI and CFHI have begun to engage with stakeholders across the country to explore their priorities and how the amalgamated organization could support them. Some common areas of focus emerged from these discussions, including:

  • Be bold in actions to change the system
  • Be clear and focused about your purpose
  • Look to the future
  • Strengthen diversity and inclusivity
  • Share expertise and guide others
  • Be agile and move quickly

Over the next year, the new organization will continue this engagement with all stakeholders, across the country, as we develop the new strategy and chart a course for the new organization.

We are excited to combine our efforts towards better care, working with and for more people across Canada.