Healthcare Excellence Canada’s Patient Engagement Framework

Frameworks | October 2023

Author: Healthcare Excellence Canada

Healthcare Excellence Canada (HEC) is committed to engaging patients, caregivers and communities to ensure their experience and priorities drive safety and quality in healthcare. By working together, improvements can be made throughout the healthcare system that lead to better outcomes and experiences for all.

The Patient Engagement Framework outlines the ways we embed patient, caregiver and community perspectives into our programming, activities, and initiatives. It was developed through engagement with patient partners and staff at HEC, building on other known frameworks, and adapted for a ‘fit for purpose’ approach that supports our commitment to embedding lived experience perspectives in our work. It may be a helpful resource for other organizations considering how to approach patient engagement in their unique settings.

Download the Patient Engagement Framework

HEC’s Patient Engagement Framework was adapted from the International Association for Public Participation’s IAP2 Spectrum of Public Participation.