healthcare provider and patient/resident having a safety conversation

Press Play on Safety Conversations Resources

When we have safety conversations, it changes the way we think about safety. Ask questions, listen, and act. With health systems under strain, it’s more important now than ever.  

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  • Press Play on Safety Conversations

Safety conversations are a respectful discussion about safety between two or more people involved in organizing, delivering, seeking, and/or receiving care, including healthcare workers, patients, residents, clients and essential care partners. 

These conversations are an important step in building a positive patient safety culture, and evidence confirms that organizations with a positive patient safety culture have less harm.¹ 

Whether you want to fine-tune your safety conversations or get started, we can help you carry on the conversation with resources.

The links below lead to valuable resources to help you create safe spaces that invite conversations and empower effective responses. Plus, they’ll help you improve the safety conversations you’re already having.

I am a healthcare provider or leader

I’m a patient, resident, client or caregiver

¹ de Bienassis, K., et al., Culture as a cure: Assessments of patient safety culture in OECD countries, OECD Health Working Papers, No. 119, OECD Publishing, 2020. Culture as a cure : Assessments of patient safety culture in OECD countries | OECD Health Working Papers | OECD iLibrary (