Readiness to Receive Assessment Tool

The Readiness to Receive Assessment tool helps organizations assess their readiness to implement an effective improvement project from another site or location. The tool has been slightly adapted from Kaiser Permanente’s “Spreading Effective Practices Toolkit” and will support your organization’s informed decision-making to implement improvements successfully. 

The assessment should be used by your organization’s senior management, healthcare leaders, and front-line workers to address the question: “Are we ready to receive and implement this improvement from another organization?” 

This tool is not a “pass/fail test.” Instead, it’s intended to guide discussions and support informed decision-making, assist sites to be successful in their implementation efforts, and to help set realistic expectations. It may evoke important dialogue regarding issues of sponsorship, culture, resources or other enabling factors. The intent is to encourage critical conversations at the outset of a spread project, rather than when difficulties arise. 

In addition to using this assessment tool, organizations should ensure that the improvement itself is ready for spread, ideally by using the “Readiness for Spread” assessment tool.