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  • Embedding Palliative Approaches to Care (EPAC)

Giving the Gift of Time: Embedding Palliative Approaches to Care 

Death and dying is hard to talk about. For residents, families and care partners in long-term care homes, it’s important. It gives them the gift of time. Time to say and experience the things they want to in the time they have. To live for today. And to make informed choices about their care. 

We’ve developed an easy to use, interactive module to help long-term care teams have better conversations about end-of-life with residents, families and care partners. Long-term care homes and caregivers participated in creating this evidence-based module, which is broken into four parts. 

As we walk through the journey of a real resident, 85-year-old François (a pseudonym), we offer guiding questions – giving the learner a chance to reflect on what they are doing now, and what they can do differently. We also share tips on how team members can take care of themselves and support colleagues too. 

We’ve included a number of resources, on how to implement Embedding Palliative Approaches to Care, training videos, communication techniques and more. 

Access the learning module: Giving the Gift of Time