Meet the Implementation Science Teams

Twenty-two Implementation Science Teams of researchers from across the country have partnered with LTC and retirement homes, including homes that are part of the LTC+ Acting on Pandemic Learning Together program, to study the effectiveness of promising practices, interventions and policy options designed to keep residents, families, caregivers and staff safe from COVID-19.

Map of Canada with teams and partner locations

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  • Implementation Science Teams – Strengthening Pandemic Preparedness in Long-Term Care
Presence of family: (re)integrating family caregivers

Lead researcher: James Conklin
Host institution: Bruyère Research Institute, Ontario


Lead researcher: Amy Hsu
Host institution: Bruyère Research Institute, Ontario

Improving prescribing of medications at end of life in long-term care homes during COVID-19

Lead researcher: Peter Tanusepturo
Host institution: Bruyère Research Institute, Ontario

Design Interventions to Support Infection Prevention and Control in Shared Work Environments in Long-Term Care

Lead researcher: Chantal Trudel
Host institution: Carleton University, Ontario

Nutrition as Medication: de la recherche à l’implantation

Lead researcher: Nancy Presse
Host institution: Centre de recherche de l'Institut universitaire de gériatrie de Montréal, Quebec

A resident/family-centered, team-based quality improvement collaborative approach to comprehensive PAndemic Preparedness in LOng-term Care Homes (PAPLOC study)

Lead researcher: Akber Mithani
Host institution: Fraser Health Authority, British Columbia

Nurse practitioner-led implementation of health workforce recommendations in long-term care homes during a pandemic

Lead researcher: Katherine McGilton
Host institution: KITE, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, University Health Network, Ontario

MedSafer – Optimizing prescribing for pandemic preparedness

Leader researcher: Emily McDonald
Host institution: McGill University Health Center, Quebec

Implementing and scaling up the long-term care palliative toolkit during COVID-19

Lead researcher: Sharon Kaasalainen
Host institution: McMaster University, Ontario

Enhancing the lives of older Canadians in long-term care in Newfoundland

Leader researcher: Shree Mulay
Host institution: Memorial University of Newfoundland, Newfoundland and Labrador

Implementation of policies that support and hinder families as partners in care during the COVID-19 pandemic

Lead researcher: Janice Keefe
Host institution: Mount Saint Vincent University, Nova Scotia

Finding the right balance: implementing family presence policies in Ontario long-term care homes

Lead researcher: Samir Sinha
Host institution: Ryerson University, Ontario

Dementia Isolation Toolkit Implementation Project

Lead researcher: Andrea Iaboni
Host institution: Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, Unity Health, Ontario

Implementation of the “one high risk site only” policy

Lead researcher: Joanie Sims Gould
Host institution: University of British Columbia

Strengthening COVID-19 resilience of linguistic minorities in long-term care

Lead researcher: Idrissa Beogo
Host institution: Université de Saint-Boniface, Manitoba

Supporting Mental Health and Preventing Moral Injury among Long Term Care Workers: A Mixed Methods Toolkit Implementation Study

Lead researcher: Bonnie Lashewicz
Host institution: University of Calgary, Alberta

Development and implementation of a clinical care pathway for frail older adults in long term care

Lead researcher: Zahra Goodarzi
Host institution: University of Calgary, Alberta

Preserving the link between cognitively impaired LTC residents and their families in the context of a pandemic: an evaluation of the implementation and effects of virtual and in-person interventions

Lead researcher: Marie-Soleil Hardy
Host institution: Université Laval, Quebec

Making “non-essential” family/volunteer caregiving essential in long term care

Lead researcher: Annie Robitaille
Host institution: University of Ottawa, Ontario

COVID-19: Implementation of virtual P.I.E.C.E.S™ for Resident Care Planning with Family to Build and Sustain Team Collaboration and Resilience for the Workforce in LTC Research Questions and Implementation Science Approach

Lead researcher: Denise Connelly
Host institution: Western University, Onatrio

Harnessing a novel partnership for COVID and non-COVID care in LTC

Lead researcher: Geetha Mukerji
Host institution: Women’s College Hospital, Ontario

Presence of Family and Other Informal Caregivers in Long-Term Care During COVID-19 and Beyond

Lead Researcher: Natasha Gallant 
Host institution: University of Regina, Saskatchewan