A long-term care home worker speaks with a resident in their room.

Reimagining LTC: Enabling a Healthy Workforce to Provide Person-Centred Care

As we work towards building a more resilient long-term care system, supports to improve the health and safety of the workforce and person-centred care are needed more than ever.

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Reimagining LTC: Enabling a Healthy Workforce to Provide Person-Centred Care (Reimagining LTC) was an initiative that supported quality improvement on these important issues. The program ran from January to December 2023.

 This program aimed to:

  • Increase capacity for safety and quality improvement work within long-term care.
  • Support long-term care homes to identify, plan and implement changes that will enable a healthy workforce to deliver more person-centred care to residents.
  • Foster peer-to-peer sharing and learning among long-term care homes across Canada.

Participating long-term care homes

Through Reimagining LTC, HEC supported more than 230 long-term care homes in all 10 provinces to implement quality improvement projects focused on fostering healthy work environments that will enable safer, higher-quality person-centred care.

Alt-text: Map of Canada showing 84 participating homes in British Columbia, 29 participating homes in Alberta, 19 participating homes in Saskatchewan, 15 participating homes in Manitoba, 47 participating homes in Ontario, 20 participating homes in Quebec, 12 participating homes in New Brunswick, four participating homes on Prince Edward Island, five participating homes in Nova Scotia, and two participating homes in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Healthcare Excellence Canada partnered with Health Quality BC to provide coaching and additional supports to 79 long-term care homes in British Columbia focusing on the appropriate use of antipsychotic medications.

Areas of focus for participating teams

Reimagining LTC teams implemented a range of diverse projects focused on enabling a healthy workforce to provide person-centred care. Specific areas of focus included:

  • Improving care for people with dementia, including helping staff to better understand dementia so that they can provide more person-centred care.
  • Strengthening person-centred care, including creating and implementing approaches to deliver care that centres on the person.
  • Creating healthy workplace cultures, including staff and workplace assessments, workplace charters and educational opportunities.
  • Improving staff well-being with a focus on morale, job satisfaction, stress management and mental health promotion.
  • Creating and sustaining psychologically safe and healthy workplace environments, addressing specific aspects of psychological safety or implementing the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.
  • Appropriate use of antipsychotic medications.

What teams received

Teams participating in Reimagining LTC received:

  • Funding of up to $10,000 per home
  • Implementation and capacity-building support such as coaching, monthly webinars, quality improvement basics workshops and mental health first aid training
  • Peer-to-peer learning and connections

The program will enable participating teams to accelerate efforts to align with the new National Long-Term Care Services standard released by the Health Standards Organization, and CSA Z8004, Long-Term Care Home Operations and Infection Prevention and Control, the National Standard of Canada published by CSA Group.

Reimagining LTC builds on earlier programming that supported long-term care and retirement homes to respond to COVID-19 and build capacity to implement quality improvement projects.