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Clean Your Hands Day  

May 5, 2021 


For Clean Your Hands Day this May 5, we want to thank everyone who’s making a difference by following public health measures, including cleaning their hands.

We’ve cleaned our hands, stayed home, provided care, worn masks, practised physical distancing and now we’re getting vaccinated too. Together, our efforts have saved lives, protected those who are vulnerable and supported friends, families and neighbours in our communities.

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Clean Your Hands Day

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Whether you’re a member of the public, patient, visitor, essential care partner, provider or work in a healthcare setting, maintaining good hand and respiratory hygiene are very important personal practices that help reduce the risk of infection or spreading infection to others.

This May 5 and every day, join us in celebrating everyone who is making a difference by following local public health guidance.   

  • Participate in the Clean Your Hands Day campaign
    • Share on social media to help spread the message of the importance of hand hygiene and following all other public health measures
    • Share the Clean Your Hands Day newsletter article with your stakeholders

Communications Toolkit

Free digital downloads

Access and share hand hygiene resources to keep yourself and others safe

Hand Hygiene Resources

Make clean hands your habit – it protects all of us

About Clean Your Hands Day

Clean Your Hands Day, led by Healthcare Excellence Canada and supported by partners, is being conducted in conjunction with the World Health Organization’s SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands campaign.

In 2021, Healthcare Excellence Canada changed the name of “STOP! Clean Your Hands Day” to “Clean Your Hands Day” to reflect the importance of not stopping what we’re doing – namely, following public health guidance, including cleaning our hands. It’s making a difference.


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Patients for Patient Safety Canada

L’Association des infirmières en prévention des infections

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