Cover of HEC’s 2021-22 Impact Report

2021-22 Impact Report: Partnering Meaningfully

Progress is only possible in collaboration with partners across the country, which is why partnering meaningfully is one of our core values, and the theme of our 2021-22 Impact Report.

In 2021-22, we launched our inaugural strategy, worked with partners to cover settings serving more than 790,000 people and laid important foundations for future work.

What’s inside

Flip through the report to find out more about the work we did and the staff, Board and partners who made it possible.


The LTC+ program brought together over 300 teams in 1,500 homes across Canada to strengthen pandemic response across the country. They reached over 170,000 residents in congregate settings, improving care experience, health outcomes and efficiency, as well as work-life for providers.

Essential Together

The essential role of care partners became more evident throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Essential Together supported health and care facilities to safely welcome essential care partners and highlight their role as vital care team members.

A healthcare provider with short hair and a pride button looks at a computer monitor smiling. On the monitor is a senior patient holding his arm, which has a cast on it. In the background is the patient’s farm with a barn and cows in the field.

Safe Virtual Care

The pandemic rapidly expanded the use of virtual care, highlighting the need and opportunity to ensure appropriate, equitable, safe and high-quality virtual care. HEC worked with Canada Health Infoway and engaged 25 teams across 250 sites (serving over 400,000 patients) to equip providers with the tools needed for safe and effective adoption and use of virtual care solutions.