Congratulatory Message

March 12, 2021

Congratulatory Message

Since its inception in 2006, Patients for Patient Safety Canada (PFPSC) has championed the patient voice and shared lived experiences to advance patient safety. Today, I am pleased to congratulate PFPSC members as we celebrate the 15th Anniversary of this vibrant and energetic network.

We invite all collaborators, partners and friends to send a message to Patients for Patient Safety Canada here to celebrate the15th anniversary - share a memory, photo, or video.  Let's celebrate how much a group of volunteers who have dedicated hundreds of hours to make care as safe as possible have achieved together!

I’ve personally been fortunate to work with members of Patients for Patient Safety Canada in many different ways, wearing many different hats over the years. I deeply value the wisdom and perspectives so generously shared to shape safety policies, practices and culture to advance patient safety in Canada.

Heart of Healthcare

The contributions of these dedicated volunteers are too numerous to mention them all. Examples include Engaging Patients in Patient Safety – A Canadian Guide, 5 Questions to Ask about Medications, the Patient Safety and Incident Management Toolkit, and the Canadian Quality and Patient Safety Framework. PFPSC has also led many initiatives including outreach that developed relationships with government officials to explore ways to improve patient safety with patients as partners, leading the Patient Alliance for Patient Safety where over 20 organizations work together to advance a common patient safety goal and launching heART of healthCARE – a virtual art gallery. As the Canadian arm of the World Health Organization’s Patients for Patient Safety Global Network, PFPSC is a recognized leader and a model that others strive to replicate.

Although much has been accomplished over the past 15 years, our work in patient safety is far from done. I look forward to participating in the discussion on March 30 on how we can accelerate safety efforts together over the next 15 years. If you have not already done so, please mark your calendar and join us to contribute your thoughts and ideas on how we can ensure EVERY PATIENT SAFE.

To the dedicated PFPSC members, I thank you for your commitment and extend my heartfelt congratulations on this milestone celebration. Let’s celebrate all that you have accomplished and together let’s continue to raise the bar on patient safety.

Jennifer Zelmer, President and CEO
Healthcare Excellence Canada