Carers Toolkit

Organization: NHS England
Country: UK
Publication date:

NHS England and its partners have developed a toolkit to help health and social care organizations work together in identifying, assessing and supporting the wellbeing of carers and their families. This toolkit covers new duties on NHS organizations brought about by the Care Act 2014 and the Children and Families Act 2014 and includes numerous examples of positive practice that are already making a difference to carers and their families. Some of the positive practices included in this document include supporting the identification and registration of carers in primary care and assessing the support needs of carers in order to maintain and/or improve their physical or mental health. This toolkit can be used as a resource to help promote working together between Adult social care services, NHS commissioners and providers, and third sector organizations that support carers, with a specific focus on developing an integrated approach to the identification, assessment and support of carers and their families across health and social care.