Patient and Family-Centered Care: A Hospital Self-Assessment Inventory

Country: USA
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This tool is designed to help hospital and health system leaders, trustees, medical staff, and employees think about how a hospital, department, or clinical area operationalizes patient and family centered care. It will assist those who complete it determine priorities for change and improvement. The assessment inventory is made up of 10 sections: Leadership; Mission and Definition of Quality; Charting and Documentation; Patients and Families as Advisors; Patient and Family Support; Patterns of Care; Quality Improvement; Information/Education for Patients and Families; Personnel; and Environnment and Design. Each section asks specific questions pertaining to the level of patient and family centered care already established. It requires a rank based on its current status as well as its priority for improvement. Many who have used this inventory have found that even the process of completing the tool has educational value, because it helps inform participants about the core concepts and strategies of patient and family centered care.