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Webinar Series: Next Steps in COVID-19 Response in Long-Term Care

As long-term care homes continue to adapt to COVID-19, collaborative learning is needed now more than ever. The Next Steps in COVID-19 Response webinar series brings people together so they can share with and learn from others facing similar challenges and opportunities in long-term care during the pandemic.

Upcoming Webinars

*NEW* Webinar Series Beginning MAY 2022

Monday June 13, 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. ET | Topic to be confirmed soon

With Janice Keefe,  MSVU – Nova Scotia Centre on Aging


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Recent Webinars

All webinars can be viewed on demand via YouTube and summaries are below.

Monday May 16, 12:00pm – 1:00pm (ET) | Creative Staffing Models in LTC

With Debra Boudreau, Michele Lowe, and Laurie Cerqueti

In this webinar, Michele Lowe, Executive Director of the Nursing Homes of Nova Scotia Association and Debra Boudreau, Administrator and CEO of Tideview Terrace presented a new framework for managing health human resources in long-term care. Laurie Cerqueti, CEO of Saul & Claribel Simkin Centre shared some of Simkin’s creative strategies for staffing solutions.

Past Webinars

All webinars from the previous series can be viewed on demand via YouTube and summaries are below.

This webinar series focused on six key areas that can strengthen pandemic response: preparation; prevention; people in the workforce; pandemic response and surge capacity; plan for COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 care; and presence of family.

This webinar series complemented the LTC+ Acting on Pandemic Learning Together program.

March 14, 2022: CIHI Long-Term Care Data and Measurement

February 14, 2022: Update on Vaccines and Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) in Long-Term Care

January 17, 2022: HSO Update on Development of the New National Long-Term Care Services Standard

December 6, 2021: Promising Practices for Supporting Long Term Care Providers Resilience

November 29, 2021: Practices of Interest to Support In-Person Family Presence and Communication with Families

November 15, 2021: Moral Injury in LTC

October 18, 2021: COVID-19 and Influenza Management

September 13, 2021: Wellness Together Canada – a mental health portal for everyone in Canada 

August 16, 2021: Priorities in Setting New HSO National Standards for LTC

July 12, 2021: What has COVID-19 taught us about improvement?

June 14, 2021: Appropriate Prescribing in LTC

May 17, 2021: Simulations in LTC

February 8, 2021: Vaccine rollout

January 18, 2021: Essential Together and Vaccine Preparedness

December 7, 2020: Pandemic Response and Surge Capacity // LTC and Hospital Partnership: Key Learnings from Southlake and River Glen Haven LTC

November 9, 2020: People in the Workforce

October 19, 2020: Prevention: the province of Quebec’s action plan

September 14, 2020: Preparation to prevent outbreak in long-term care

August 10, 2020: Family Presence in Long-Term Care

July 27, 2020: Launch of LTC+ Acting on Pandemic Learning Together

July 20, 2020: Informational Webinar

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