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Presentation: Setting the Stage - Review of the Literature and Terminology

This presentation was delivered in March 2019, by Anila Sunnak, Manager, Public and Patient Engagement Program, Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (the Partnership) at the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement’s Diversity in Patient Engagement Learning Exchange event. This high-level presentation provides findings from an environmental scan commissioned by the Partnership to gain insights into engagement practices with underserved populations and considerations of how to overcome barriers to engagement.

The presentation highlights learnings from a literature review, environmental scan and subsequent identification of best practices in reaching underserved groups for deliberative engagement and public dialogues. Numerous engagement approaches were identified, with various channels and opportunities for feedback. Lessons learned included the importance of language and the need to be reflexive.

Read the Environmental Scan: Best Practices in Reaching Underserved Groups for Deliberative Engagement and Public Dialogues.